Do love biking, exploring and a little adventure on your holiday but not quite ready to tackle what Thassos has to offer? No worries, our experienced guides will take you all across the beautiful terrain of Thassos, at the pace that's right for you. We have several bicycle tours and excursions that will fit a wide variety of fitness and skill levels - we'll take care of everything!

From the moment you walk in our place, we will make sure you are fitted with the bike that is best going to assist you in your adventure and also the equipment that's going to keep you safe along the way - helmet, pump, lock, map, saddle bag. Find out more about the possibilities that await you when you take one of our tours here in Thassos.

There is also a 4x4 track to make you feel safe wherever you are in the mountains.We can bring you to the top of Ypsarion and pick you up in any place you like!

Multi Cycling Trips

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Multi Trekking Trips

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