"Going out on a cycling tour in Thassos is an adventure!We start the trip early in the morning to avoid the hot sun.Finaly the day was cloudy and it was perfect for us!The climbing was demanding but our guide new the right spots to get fresh cold water from the mountain saving us to carry liters of water.The wiev from the Pick was amazing.Yannis knew the best wiev points to take perfect pictures of Golden beach and the island of Samothraki!On the way down we cycle off the main road through breathtaking singeltracks and water streams!The water was realy refreshing!Back to Theologos where the company car was waiting to bring us and the bikes back to Potos.After a day like this a cold beer on the beach sounded perfect for me!I will be back soon!!"

~ Peter Lufman UK

"Our trip to the old village of Kastro was a nice surpise to us.We make there after 1 hour cycling with my wife and our two children,10,14 years old.We start the trip from the Maries lake.We went there with Yannis amazing blue 4x4 track!The kids realy love it!In Kastro we made a stop at Kostas place,an old taverna own by Kosta ,the only person who lives in the village all year round!We had a gread yogurt with honey and lots of refreshing drings!After that he offered to show as the old church of Ag.Athanasios on the back of the taverna!He had this big old key for the old door of the church!It was realy beautiful to see an old place like that! The downill down to waterfalls was a bit scarry but finally we all survived! Stop for pixtures and a small swim to the freezing waterfalls and back to the bikes dowhilling to Potos!For shure was our best day in our holiday for me and my familly!We are all tired now but feeling realy great that we manage to do somethimg like that!"

~ Thomas und Irene Hempel Munchen

"This was my best bike i ever hire so far in my holidays!Carbons frame with full shimano xt and a great 100mm MAGURA fork on the front is exactly what you need for this demanding stony downhills in Ypsarion mountains!"

~ Cris Aniston UK